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Western Canoë, location de stand up sups de rivière - découverte du fleuve Hérault.
River Stand Up Paddle
alls of the Herault gorge.
One paddle, one board, we climb up and
it is done !!
This new device crossbreed between surf and canoe very quickly conquered the oceanic cost and now arrive inland to discover the Herault river in a playful and
original way.
Western canoe offers you one of the
first renting of River Stand Up Paddle in France !!!
Western Canoë, location de paddle de rivière dans l'Hérault.
In this way, you will discover the famous Herault gorges with a new river viewpoint while having the sensation to be as adventurous as the greatest surfers. All the crew will give you basic advices so that your trip will only be fun and pleasure !!!
Then, be the first to walk on the water.
Numéro de téléphone de Western Canoë, location de kayak dans l’Hérault.
E-mail de Western Canoë à Laroque, location de paddle dans l’Hérault Plan de situation de Western Canoë location de kayak dans l’hérault. Page facebook officielle de Western Canoë, location de canoë dans l’hérault.